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Medical Student Gets Adverse Reaction to Flu Shot

Click on images to make them larger. This medical student, Alexis, got an adverse reaction from the flu vaccine. She stresses that the flu in it is dead. But I say that the ingredients in it are not healthy. Alexis is 22 years old and in her fourth year of medical school. It is average for someone to go to medical school from age 23 to age 27.

She could have gone to college at age 12 because she is a super genius but her parents thought that was too young. She has many interesting things happen to her. You can read the details and what she says about this at Unfortunate Reactions to Vaccines.

I have not had a cold, flu or headache in over 15 years. That probably is partially because of the meditation that do since illness and headaches have to do with stress. I have been reading this blog for a while. Doing this makes you more like the person who wrote the blog. So now I want to write about personal things like Alexis does in her blog.

I came across the article called Flu Shots are More Dangerous Than the Flu Itself, According to New Research. Now I think this article is not very good. It says that people get sick after getting the vaccine but does not explain how. People get sick after not getting a vaccine. Then it says that there are bad things in it.

But it ignores that there are many bad things elsewhere. Like according to studies mentioned by Michael Greger M.D. a half a can of tuna has the amount of mercury (mentioned in article) that is in 100 flu shots (vaccines). It says many doctors are against the flu vaccine but does not give any examples. I did not read the whole article because the beginning was so bad. It makes no mention of an author so I guess that it means it was written by the almighty Lord. Also it lacked links to other sources.

When I was around age 20 many interesting things happened to me. I learned a meditation that is taught by Prem Rawat. Now every person has their own experience of the same thing and it can be very negative but here is what I experienced. Of course it is partially determined by the person.

Prem Rawat from book about him sold by

The following is long but very interesting. During that time they built a JYC near me about 10 minutes away from where I lived and I was 20 years old. JYC is like a YMCA but this one was for Jewish people, hence its name Jewish Youth Center. When I first got there, there was a line of people that would run, jump onto a mini-trampoline kind of springboard and do a flip or something and land on a thick mat so they would not get hurt.

So I watched for 10 minutes and people were encouraging me to try it. I was the only gymnast of the group. I had been captain of my high school gymnastics team. I did a pike flip where my legs are completely straight and I was instantly a celebrity. 

Now things are different when it came to what happened. There were many beautiful young women there. There was one who was very beautiful, dressed like a fashion model and was very intelligent and well spoken. Also she made it clear that I was the one that she wanted and she gets what she wants. Although she was only 14. So on our first date I met her family that consisted of her father, mother and older sister.

They loved me and also they wanted their daughter to have what she wanted. So she became my girlfriend but we did not break any laws. She danced and sang in many plays. Her one flaw was she was somewhat conceited because she knew how great she was. But I was probably like that also.

Then they started a girls gymnastic team. I went into the gymnastics room and was watching these little girls. There was one female coach and everyone would spend all of their time waiting for one minute with the coach. Keep in mind that we all regarded each other as God's chosen people.

So I would get the ones that had to wait for the line and would teach them something. So they got the time with the coach but also got time practicing other things. I had experience teaching kids gymnastics at a summer camp. So the coach loved having active kids instead of bored kids and the kids loved it also. They knew I was not being paid so they knew that I was doing it for the fun of it. Also the coach liked me so much that when the team got its labeled team leotards she said to the girls and I that she should give me one of the leotards so everyone would know that I was part of its team.

To show you that it was not all good times, I had to battle boredom also. Prem Rawat was going to speak in Montreal, Canada so a bus with a bathroom was rented to go from Philadelphia to Montreal which takes about 11 hours. I had just learned meditation so my ability to be in the present was not very good. So that 11 hours was quite an ordeal. But it led to something great which makes this much more interesting reading.

The name of this weekend program in Montreal was Peace Flight. I was taking a walk around the bus to relieve boredom. I saw this couple that I never saw before where the wife was about 3 years older than me and she was drop dead gorgeous. Since I had nothing to gain or lose I told her exactly how I felt. At first I was cautious but saw that the husband was enjoying what I was saying and so I said lots of things including that she was the most attractive woman I had ever seen.

So that was the end of that for while. But later on, this woman, Reenie Hanson, and I became friends. I am very good at adapting to the present circumstances. Her husband found a different meditation teacher that was named Buba Free John.

Buba Free John and later called Adi Da.

We ended up becoming best friends while her husband and her were still married. I did not have a physical attraction to her and I forgot to mention that they have a daughter. Renee and I were really great friends. She thought that I was the nicest and kindest person that she had ever met.

Here is an exciting thing we did together. We flew to Rome, Italy where Prem Rawat had a five day program. We shared a hotel room. The husband took care of their little girl. Now this story is like the most impossible thing that ever happened. Reenie was telling me about a 17 year old sister that became mostly catatonic.

She would watch TV and pet the cat and not do anything else. I cannot believe that I never told this story before, meaning writing it down. I guess it took a while for Alexis to bring it out of me. If you are a writer, you definitely should read her blog. Now Reenie's family lived in Delaware. The mother took the daughter to a psychiatrist. He said that she should be committed to a mental institution. There they could give her electroshock for the fun of it.

So I said that I should try to help her first. Now Prem Rawat was having a rare 10 day program in Florida. Renee and I got a ride with an Indian couple that lives in Delaware. They stopped in Delaware on the way back and Reenie lied to her mother and told her that we needed a place to stay in Delaware for a day. We convinced the daughter to come to Philadelphia and stay at Reenie's house for a week.

I was at her house everyday, all day for a week. It was extremely hard at first to get her to open up but eventually I did it and she got all better. Now I did not know what I was doing and that is where my awesome power lied. See other people imagine they know what they are doing and what do they actually know? They know that they were born and they will die. They do not know why they were born, what they are doing here or what this whole thing is all about.

To give a break to psychiatrists, it is a job to make money. They cannot spend all day with a patient. Nevada is the only state in the country that prostitution is legal. It is illegal in Las Vegas. So a prostitute can be paid to spend all day with a client. But you cannot pay the prostitute to care about you. Of course she does care about the money.

So what does Albert Einstein say about this?

To end on a light note, the girls team had a nickname for me. It was Spider-Man. Outside the gym they had a pair of walls that were about 4 feet apart and went up about 25 feet. I would put a hand and foot on each wall. I would then use that to climb up the wall. Then at top I would climb across and go down.

Here on video is something else that did. I would get down, the same way I got up. I loved climbing. Watch this one minute video where the guy knows how to climb up but not how to get down. So he falls and gets badly injured. But you can climb down the same way you get up.

So I am still looking for video of what I would do. I found a short video of what I would do. It is only 41 seconds.

So this is why they called me Spider-Man. Now never do the following. I could have killed this girl and myself. So I was doing it again to show them I could still do it. This is a bizarre story. One of the girls said loudly that she wanted me to take her for a ride. I said "definitely not." She begged me to take her and then all the other girls shouted for me to do it.

So I agreed to do it because they kept begging me, even though it was dangerous and foolish. So this small and light girl climbed on my back and I took her to the top. Then with my hands firmly in place, I took my feet off the wall and started kicking and yelling like I lost control. The girls below were screaming. Then I kept going and no girl asked for a ride again.

I got to the ground safe and sound, at least I thought. Then a girl said my head was bleeding. I felt my head and had blood on my hand. There was a sprinkler on the ceiling and I must have hit my head against it without knowing it. So I went to the hospital and got a few stitches put in. So my mother's favorite saying was "Truth is stranger than fiction!"

Want to hear a rabbit sing? Actually this is a song by Eddie Rabbitt on how to get a woman. I had a girlfriend that graduated from Wellesley U.  She said that females over 18 should be called women.

Also here is a short video on how to get a girlfriend that is very intelligent and not sleazy.

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Alexis Got Her Leg Broken at Her Medical School by the Teacher

UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay Consistently ranked among the nation's top medical schools, the UCSF School of Medicine earns its greatest distinction from its outstanding faculty – among them are four Nobel laureates, 81 National Academy of Medicine members, 64 American Academy of Arts and Sciences members, 41 National Academy of Sciences members, and 19 Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators. [Not specifying the medical school that this happened at. Just highlighting a very good medical school.]

This is an unusual story called Alexis in the Sky With Diamonds. Note that the song by The Beatles called Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is a reference to LSD. Here is quote from the beginning of the post on this.
I was the victim of a freak accident at the very end of my workday earlier this evening, and now I'm in extreme pain. I didn't bother to fill a prescription for pain meds because I didn't think they would be needed. Suffice it to say that I was wrong. Dead wrong. 
My supervising resident and I were going over charts. My presence isn't really needed in order for him to go over the charts, as the guy does not allow me  to actually write anything in a patient's chart, but he has been unbelievably reluctant to allow me to leave before his workday has finished even though my workday has usually started roughly two hours before his began. He invents work for me so that he can justify making me stay. He asked me to read all of the charts before he made notations and to comment. He then made his notations and asked me to read them. In most cases he wrote down what I said verbatim. The activity was a complete waste of my time. 
For some reason unbeknownst to me, the resident had his laptop in the physicians' computer pod.  Residents don't usually need their personal laptops, but his was there, plugged in and charging. As he was finishing up, he picked up his laptop, apparently forgetting that it was plugged in. The adapter part of the charger flew off the table on which it had been resting. It swung and hit my left lateral malleolus (the wide protuberance of the fibula where it reaches the ankle) very hard and probably, judging from the residual bruise, struck my ankle with one of its edges. It was a relatively flukish occurrence -- probably not even in the top five of flukish accidents involving me, but still a rather freak happening. I don't think the two of us could recreate the mishap with the same outcome if we attempted it a hundred times.
Her ankle was broken. You can read the rest of it. Here is the image where this is from. Please note that the more mindful people are, the less accidents there are. Let us say that a person is acting like a freaking maniac , instead of a calm person, they are more dangerous.  A police officer has to identify the threat quickly because his life is in danger.

Her next post goes into more detail about the damage that she had done. But as you go into more detail on this you learn the advantages of this. They love to make medical students work insane hours so they usually are sleep deprived. So because of the above and damage to knee of her other leg, she is only working 8 hours a day and has plenty of time to sleep.

Also she gets to explain to us this new type of temporary, permanent cast that otherwise, without news about new things, I would not know about leg-lengthening where young women pay to get their legs broken and be a cripple for 2 years to be five inches taller as told about in A Tall Order.

It's painful and slow, but can make you five inches taller. Jonathan Watts on the surgical trend sweeping China - leg-lengthening

Kong Jing-wen has paid £5,700 to have both of her legs broken and stretched on a rack. The pretty college graduate is now lying in bed, clearly still in considerable pain three days after a doctor sawed through the flesh and bone below her knee to insert what looks an awful lot like knitting needles through the length of her tibiae.

These giant steel pins are connected by eight screws punched horizontally through her ankle and calf to a steel cage surrounding each leg. Once the bone starts to heal, these cages will act like a medieval torture device - each day over the next few months Kong will turn the screws a fraction and stretch her limbs more and more until she has grown by 8cm.

Despite the agony, the cost and the inconvenience, the 23-year-old says she does not regret a thing. "It hurts, but it will be worth it to be taller. I'll have more opportunities in life and a better chance of finding a good job and husband."
Also there have to be some benefits to having your teacher at a medical school breaking your leg! Also I have an article about the 2 Biggest Secrets of Life and this fits right in with that.

Also now that she has some extra time, she is watching some Youtube videos. Here is one that placed that I really liked. This young woman is a really bad singer (she posted it on August 12). It shows that the parents have the same problem. So they came on to yell at the judges and Simon tells them that they created their daughter's problem. Priceless.

Then on August 17 she has a post called When the Moon is in the Seventh House that is talking about the temporary cast .  Now hasn't this event given her a lot to write about creating another benefit of this event? I am still not done yet. Apparently she had to keep some of this information secret.

On August 22 she put up the post Unrequited Love and Fisticuffs where the two guys are fighting about milady or my lady. (Milady (from my lady) is a French manner of address to a noble woman, the feminine form of milord.) A friend of hers is telling her teacher off and he takes a swing at this friend. But this guy was able to finish it with one punch. Alexis says:
A cohort mate of mine -- one I had considered a friend though not necessarily a bosom buddy --  returned from a visiting clerkship to learn of my injury. I'm not sure why my cohort mate took my bad news so acutely, but when he met up with the careless resident  (there was more to the story that I wasn't and still am not  free to share), following a heated argument during which the resident threw the first punch, my cohort blocked the jab and responded with a knockdown punch at the resident. I'm told that the response was measured and that my cohort mate could have done far more damage than he chose to do.
So in the end our heroine and writer of the blog wins. Maybe someday she will have the most popular blog there is. Also stay tuned in because you do not know if this story is completely over yet. I am glad that she gets to have some fun.

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Different Types of Genius

This picture comes from the article Six Interesting Musical Facts About Albert Einstein. Seeing this article modified what I was going to write about.

Albert Einstein nicknamed his violin Lina. “As a little girl,” Einstein’s second wife Elsa once remarked, “I fell in love with Albert because he played Mozart so beautifully on the violin. He also plays the piano. Music helps him when he is thinking about his theories. He goes to his study, comes back, strikes a few chords on the piano, jots something down, returns to his study.”

The article above tells about how the musician in his family was his mother. The mother of Alexis has a PhD in music (among other things) and taught her and her twin brother to play piano. As talked about in previous posts, Alexis is a super genius. She could have gone to college at age 12, but her parents did want her going at such a young age.

She did skip some grades and is in her fourth and last year of medical school at age 22. Most people go to medical school at the ages of 23 to 27. Also Alexis is very proficient at playing the piano, organ, violin and other musical instruments. Her father is a medical doctor.

This is going to have a link to an article by Alexis about children playing with dangerous toys and the part that schools should take in controlling them. Also it will have a link to a story of when Alexis was a little girl and did a cartwheel on the roof of her house because her twin brother asked her to.

Here are some coincidences of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory and Alexis. Sheldon Cooper also has an opposite sex twin. I saw the one introducing her. She mentioned how she had her legs wrapped around Sheldon's neck for 9 months. In September they will have a TV show with Sheldon growing up in Texas as a young boy. Also Sheldon does not drink coffee and neither does Alexis.

So while Albert Einstein was growing up and going to school he seemed just like an average student. Before I forget, here is a link to a recent article by Alexis about kids playing with recent toys. Fidget Spinners Maybe Dangerous. Also her most recent posts are about bullying so they are a must read. Here is the other article, Rooftop Gymnastics. This is great blog post. It is so real.

Now it is my turn. I, like Einstein, showed nothing spectacular in school. After my mother gave birth to me, 2 years later she gave birth to my brother. Her mother was with her every step of the way. So she asked her mother why my brother had so many problems as a baby. She said my brother was a perfectly normal baby.

She said that I was not a normal baby. I apparently skipped over some things that normal babies go threw. When I was in my crib, there was a sign on it that said "Keep me off of my stomach." When I was on my stomach, I would try to crawl and I was too young for my knees to tolerate that. Also I was born in a busy NYC hospital but was the only baby boy.

My mother would take my brother and I to the library every 3 weeks so it was entirely free. We would each leave with about 10 books. My brother and mother read only fiction. I read only non-fiction because I wanted to know things. My uncle was a PhD in chemistry so I wanted to be a chemist also. So I read the simpler books on chemistry until I got up to this current one. I was nine years old and in fourth grade.

So I was reading it outside in front of my house. My college neighbor got home and wanted to know what I was doing with his book. I told him that I borrowed it from the library and showed him the card holder in the back. He told me that he had the same book for college chemistry and many people find it challenging. He learned that I was reading it for the fun of it.

So then he asked me where I was in reading it. I showed him. He asked me some questions to see if I understood what I read. He asked to speak to my mother so I got her. He said that he was freaked out since college students struggle to understand this and I am reading it for entertainment. His world was turned upside down. Now my mother told our relatives about it. She wondered what it all meant with being such an unusual baby and also my Hebrew name that I got from my great grandfather being Tsadik which means saint or righteous one.

Wikipedia says:
Since the late 17th Century, in Hasidic Judaism, the institution of the mystical tzadik as a Divine channel assumed central importance, combining popularization of (hands-on) Jewish mysticism with social movement for the first time.[1] Adapting former Kabbalistic theosophical terminology, Hasidic thought internalised mystical experience, emphasising deveikut attachment to its Rebbe leadership, who embody and channel the Divine flow of blessing to the world.[2]
Kabbalah describes an extension of Moses in each generation, alternately identified with the Tzadik of the generation, and the potential Messiah of the generation. In Hasidism, each person's soul essence relates to the level of Moses.
I was not bullied since people knew that I was a pugilist. Now there was a guy who was bullied terribly. He did not kill himself. He is the most famous living person in the world today. He is the only person that is CEO of 2 billion dollar companies. Full time he is a rocket scientist and in his spare time he has a company that people invested $50 billion into making it bigger than GM or Ford. That is Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX.

As far as being a pugilist or fighter see How a 6 Year-Old Girl Saves Mother's Life. It tells about how Alexis saved her mother's life and it also tells how at age 16 I fought in the junior division of the Northeast United States Regional Karate Championship and won second place.

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Latest Natural Health News: Alexis Stars in the Musical Grease

Latest Natural Health News: Alexis Stars in the Musical Grease: Alexis as a little girl. Her hair was curly and wild at this time. Great story about medical student starring in Grease as a favor to the dean of her college. Also has an entertaining story about my high school French teacher.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alexis Stars in the Musical Grease

Alexis as a little girl. Her hair was curly and wild at this time.

I had not used this picture before because it could not be copied as a picture so I had to copy the whole page and go to Paint and crop this picture. It is also on the home page of her blog. I have already mentioned that she is super genius and that she is 22 and in her third year of medical school. Her father is a medical doctor and her mother has a few PhD degrees. She may get a PhD in music like her mother when she finishes medical school. Her mother has a PhD in psychology and teaching.

She also gets 100s on her exams. She also plays a few musical instruments. Also she sings and dances in plays. The woman that was going to star in Grease had to drop out and they no longer have understudies. "In theater, an understudy, referred to in opera as cover or covering, is a performer who learns the lines and blocking or choreography of a regular actor or actress in a play. Should the regular actor or actress be unable to appear on stage because of illness, emergencies or death, the understudy takes over the part."

So the dean of the medical school knew that Alexis could learn parts very quickly so he got Alexis to do it. She did not have the time but it is great having the dean of a medical school owing you a big favor. Now there are many things that went on and you can read her own words on them but I have something to emphasize.

Being a super genius she rarely needs advice from anyone. On this post she follows my advice! You can see the previous post and the following post to get a more complete view of this fascinating story. She is a great writer and has written many posts in her blog since age 15. Here is the part where she mentions me. During this story is another story of her uncle buying her a violin.
The end is in sight. I have three more performances, including one tonight. I have been told that the saxes will not play on a particular one of my solos. I will follow Chuck's advice. I'll tell the director to tell the orchestra conductor that if the saxes play, I will wait for them to stop before I begin singing, and if they start playing after I begin singing, I'll stop and kill time by bantering with the audience. I would tell this to the conductor myself except that he would never listen to me, and my words would fall on deaf ears.
This Cannot Go on Forever, and It Won't

Here is a picture of Alexis with her new violin. She wrote the following under it. This is the picture my Uncle Jerry took that he thinks he's going to sell a stock photo or something  similar and have it plastered all over the  web,  He had to take the shot from the back because I have a bruise on my cheek from a change-of-scenes accident and didn't have any of the sort of makeup that practically covers corpses'  defects. My standard lightweight cosmetics didn't make a dent in the discoloration.

I don't see what is so great about the picture, anyway. To me, it's reminiscent of Lunette, a clown on an old children's TV program, The Big Comfy Couch. The sofa was made extra large in order to make Lunette  appear as  small as a child. At least there was a purpose for that. It was a TV show. Here we're not filming a TV show. The extra large bench only serves  to make me look ridiculously small and thin. I guarantee that I am not anorexic nor am I proud of my overly thin body dimensions in this photo. I'm merely overworked and undernourished. The professional photographer used angles well  to make me look much healthier in the photo shoot yesterday.

I have more to write but this place is a good place to stop for now. I feel that this picture is beautiful and magical. Here is what she wrote on the next post about this part of the story that I gave the advice on.
At the introduction to one of my songs, "Hopelessly Devoted to You" [not my favorite song by any stretch even before the saxes ruined it for me] the saxes began to wail away even though they had been told not to play at all on the song. I'm moderately certain that they were not overtly defying the director, but were instead following the orders of the "orchestra" conductor.

This time I was prepared. I had a basket hidden just off-stage on the side on which I was situated. In were yarn and knitting needles. I was to sit on a stool as I sang this song. When the saxes stared with their cacophony [a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds], I called to another actor to bring out my basket. I sat there on the stool smiling and doing the best imitation of knitting I could come up with (I know the very rudimentary basics, as in "knit one, pearl two," or that sort of thing, but if what I knitted had to actually look like anything, I'd be up a creek).
I commented on how it was going to be a nice sweater for Danny. When the Kenickie character walked onto the stage, I pulled all the yard out of the basket and held it up to his back as though I was fitting the sweater for someone, which looked rather stupid since it was 95% loose yarn. Then I had him hold his hands out while I would the yearn around them.
I am back to add more to this post. Here an interesting thing that happened to me in high school all year. Not only does I want Alexis to read it, but it should be on the internet to read. I will call it The French Teacher. I had a very attractive French teacher that was voted the most attractive teacher of the school. I had her for the sophomore year. Nothing interesting happened.

Then I had her for the junior year. I guess there was something she liked about me. I guess she could tell that I was attracted to her. She was married and I was age 16. This was the age of consent in Pennsylvania which means that I was considered an adult as far as matters of the heart.

There was desk in the front for her. Sometimes she would sit on the desk and teach. She never taught sitting behind her desk. She would wear a nice dress and heels or sexy boots. There was an aisle down the middle and I has the seat on the aisle in front. So did someone else but they were on the teacher's left side. So she tried it and decided the best place to teach class sitting on my desk! She never sat on anyone else's desk.

Now the desk was not separate from the chair like her desk. The desk was part of the chair and she could not sit on it unless someone was sitting in the chair. So we both liked this. It was like she was sitting on my lap. It did not take long before I took advantage of this. I would put my books about 3 inches from her hips and derriere. Then I would hold my books, there is nothing wrong with this, with my arm. It would fit in right between the book and her hips, touching both.

So we liked this arrangement. Then when the class was over I would go back to my locker and smell my arm. It had a strong smell of teacher's perfume on it.

The teachers at my high school were not ordinary teachers since it was not an ordinary high school. It was Central High School that is magnet school for Philadelphia that is and was the 5th largest city in the country. It had only the smartest kids from the Philadelphia area. It always won the national chess championship from across the country. It had the largest high school library in the country with some old and rare books.

Philadelphia was the home of Benjamin Franklin and where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. The first president of this high school was the great grandson of Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Dallas Bache, who was professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Harvard is the first college of the country but University of PA became the first university of the country when it created the first medical school. A university has more than one school.

Now for the rest, I will give you a website since I not expect you to believe me. Central High School (Philadelphia). It says:
Central, the second-oldest continuously public high school in the United States (if one considers schools that were initially private, it is the twenty-seventh oldest public high school), was founded in 1836 and is a four-year university preparatory magnet school.
Central High School holds the distinction of being the only high school in the United States that has the authority, granted by an Act of Assembly in 1849, to confer academic degrees upon its graduates.[5] This practice is still in effect, and graduates who meet the requirements are granted the Bachelor of Arts degree. Central also confers high school diplomas upon graduates who do not meet the requirement for a bachelor's degree.
Due to its authority to grant academic degrees, Central traditionally refers to the principal of the school as the "President" of Central High School. The current president is Timothy J. McKenna.
At the end of the school year, I had a decision to make. She told me that I could go into advanced placement French for the senior year and have a better teacher, if I want. I already was in AP science and AP math. I said that I get an A in French but in AP French I will probably only get a B. She said that a B in AP French is much better than an A in regular French.

So I chose to go into AP French than to stay with her. But now when I look back on it, I should have stayed in her class. As far as a teacher telling that I like them, something happened in middle school or junior high. I was in class and a teacher of the same subject came into the class to get something.

This teacher was very young and small and I liked her, seeing her for the first time. So I watched her the whole time she was in the class which was only like 2 minutes. When she was leaving, she came over to my desk and put her hand on mine. The boy sitting next to me got very angry like she was doing something that was improper. I told him it was okay. I guess they call this wearing your emotions on your sleeve.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Christmas 2016 With Alexis

Alexis as a baby
This was going to be about delivering a stillborn baby but that blog post is lost for now. For now you can read about the things that Alexis did during Christmas and the things that she did before and after Christmas.

If you read some of the previous posts you will see that Alexis is a super genius. She is 22 and in her third year of medical school. Most people do medical school during the ages of 23 to 27 like the wife of the founder of Facebook who graduated from Harvard University.

Because of her age, the stress of her job and the lack of sleep, it can compromise her immune system. At least on the other hand, her marks are spectacular. She usually gets 100 in her tests. Even though she has had a blog since age 15, I get her to reveal more about herself. Like she only revealed recently that she could has skipped 3 more grades but her parents did not want her going to college at age 12.

In the post before this one, they were thinking of not bringing along Alexis because she had been feeling under the weather. You will have to go back 2 posts to learn more about what was wrong with her. Even though they were not going to bring her, her twin brother, Matthew, said that he was not going to come to Austria unless they bring her. That was on the post before this one. Way to go, Matthew!

Before going any further I will give you the URL to this one. Chestnuts Roasting on an open FireThe post after this one talks about safety while riding snowboards. It especially talked about wearing safety helmets. Alexis talked about being a cautious person. It is good for a doctor to be this way. Make sure to read this post to be sure if you are being safe enough. Also I was glad to read this since I would not be happy if something happened to her.

This post has a Christian song by the Monkees on video. It sounds very good, almost magical. She says on this post, "I've made no secret in recent months of my increasing disingenuous feelings toward organized religion." Also she says, "Perhaps my real religion is music as opposed to any organized theological structure."

Now I will give my opinion so do not mistake it for hers. In religion and in life, there are 2 things-- feelings and thoughts. Mostly when someone kills one or has sex with anyone, it is due to feelings, not thoughts. In life people want to feel good.

It is easy to convey an idea or a thought with talking and listening. It is nearly impossible to convey a feeling this way. But music, dance and art can convey feelings in a better way. People want to feel good and one way to do that is with religion.

To give examples of this a person may go and hear a sermon and feel good. He does not know why he feels good but maybe has beliefs on why he feels good. Note that Alexis is a music genius. She can play many instruments. Also she can play them for hours, so playing them makes her feel good. Many professional athletes are good because they practice. They practice because it makes them feel good.

To clarify the difference of thoughts and feelings, they used to think that Jesus had nails through his hands. Then when it was demonstrated that it would not work, they changed it to nails through His wrist. So it did not mean much to change this thought or belief.

The mother of Alexis has a few doctorates and one is in psychology. Note that her father is an M.D. They have a new psychology that is called Positive Psychology. It studies what makes people feel good. Here is a quote from a book about it called Authentic Happiness by Dr. Martin Seligman. The quote is about the flow experience.
When does time stop for you? When do you find yourself doing exactly what you want to be doing, and never wanting it to end? Is it painting, or making love, or playing volleyball, or talking before a group, or rock climbing, or listening sympathetically to someone else's troubles?
So maybe that is what Alexis is looking for. Maybe that is what everyone is looking for. Maybe there are people like Jesus and/or Buddha that are in that experience all the time and others want to be there also.

I would have the above feeling playing volleyball. If I did not have to eat or sleep, then I would play volleyball all the time forever. It was all based on a magical or divine feeling. I did notice that I was totally in the present. There was no future or past.

Dr Itai Ivtzan - Flow - Positive Psychology - BBC Four. Awareness is Freedom was created by Dr Itai Ivtzan. It brings together positive psychology and spirituality to allow you greater freedom and wellbeing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Attic That Almost Killed Alexis

This is not Alexis but she chose it as woman that looks like her.

Alexis is a super genius. She could have gone to college at age 12, but her parents thought that was too young. To learn more about her, see my previous posts or her website. This may be the best story I have ever read. You can read about it in her words.

In this case Alexis is 15 years old. She had multiple fractures, kidney infection and was on crutches. Her parents would not be able to take of her so they hired the father's sister to take care of her for 5 days. Her husband is an M.D. and they have many children.

Now instead of taking her to another floor to rest in a bed like a hospital, they take her to an unfinished attic. They also took away her cell phone and they just left her food to eat. There is no bathroom. She is just given diapers to wear and baby wipes to change herself. Also she had to conserve diapers. So you can read for yourself what happens after this.

She now is a third year medical student at age 22 just like her twin brother. Also she gets 100 on medical exams. Also the dean of the medical school (actually his wife) had a last minute cancellation of the female star of the play, Grease. Since Alexis can learn parts very fast, she played the female star of that play. Here is an adorable picture of her when she was a baby.

See her story of this at:

There is a reference to Jessica Beagley. She punished her young son by forcing him to eat hot sauce and taking cold showers. The article below has a video on it. Now I am not a Christian. I am a Jew but I think it is great advice to "Do unto others as you have them do unto you."

Picture from link above

Here is some information about me when I was 14 years old as a contrast to the above. My rich, retired grandfather treated my brother and I like his sons. I had been to a Boy Scout National Jamboree in Boise, ID where the scouts visited Yellowstone National Park. Then I went to Boy Scout World Jamboree in Japan. I lived my whole life in Philadelphia, PA.

So it was 3 weeks long and cost a lot of money. The first 2 weeks we toured all around Japan staying in different hotels and seeing many sites including many Buddhist temples. I was doing martial arts like karate at this time so the trip was extra valuable to me. We even saw a karate school demonstration.

The last week we camped at the base of Mt. Fuji with Boy Scouts from all over the world. My best friend there was a Maori boy and they are the indigenous people of New Zealand. They are a warrior race. This Maori boy was very noble and also very nice.

When we got back to the Philadelphia airport a news photographer was having Boy Scouts pose with samurai clothes and a samurai sword. They must have liked my photograph the best since it was on the cover of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

So my grandfather got a professional photograph of this and framed it. He also paid for boxing lessons and then karate lessons that included tai chi. I did yoga on my own at the same age of 12. He also would take us (mother, brother and I) out to eat at nice restaurants about 4 times a week.

But I saved the best for last. At the beginning of every summer vacation, we moved into an expensive hotel on the beach in Atlantic City. We would eat every meal in a nice restaurant. We would be on the beach all morning. Then we would spend all afternoon at the pool overlooking the beach. Then we would have the rest of the day to enjoy the boardwalk and what it had to offer. So I had an extremely nice time growing up.

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