Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Christmas 2016 With Alexis

Alexis as a baby
This was going to be about delivering a stillborn baby but that blog post is lost for now. For now you can read about the things that Alexis did during Christmas and the things that she did before and after Christmas.

If you read some of the previous posts you will see that Alexis is a super genius. She is 22 and in her third year of medical school. Most people do medical school during the ages of 23 to 27 like the wife of the founder of Facebook who graduated from Harvard University.

Because of her age, the stress of her job and the lack of sleep, it can compromise her immune system. At least on the other hand, her marks are spectacular. She usually gets 100 in her tests. Even though she has had a blog since age 15, I get her to reveal more about herself. Like she only revealed recently that she could has skipped 3 more grades but her parents did not want her going to college at age 12.

In the post before this one, they were thinking of not bringing along Alexis because she had been feeling under the weather. You will have to go back 2 posts to learn more about what was wrong with her. Even though they were not going to bring her, her twin brother, Matthew, said that he was not going to come to Austria unless they bring her. That was on the post before this one. Way to go, Matthew!

Before going any further I will give you the URL to this one. Chestnuts Roasting on an open FireThe post after this one talks about safety while riding snowboards. It especially talked about wearing safety helmets. Alexis talked about being a cautious person. It is good for a doctor to be this way. Make sure to read this post to be sure if you are being safe enough. Also I was glad to read this since I would not be happy if something happened to her.

This post has a Christian song by the Monkees on video. It sounds very good, almost magical. She says on this post, "I've made no secret in recent months of my increasing disingenuous feelings toward organized religion." Also she says, "Perhaps my real religion is music as opposed to any organized theological structure."

Now I will give my opinion so do not mistake it for hers. In religion and in life, there are 2 things-- feelings and thoughts. Mostly when someone kills one or has sex with anyone, it is due to feelings, not thoughts. In life people want to feel good.

It is easy to convey an idea or a thought with talking and listening. It is nearly impossible to convey a feeling this way. But music, dance and art can convey feelings in a better way. People want to feel good and one way to do that is with religion.

To give examples of this a person may go and hear a sermon and feel good. He does not know why he feels good but maybe has beliefs on why he feels good. Note that Alexis is a music genius. She can play many instruments. Also she can play them for hours, so playing them makes her feel good. Many professional athletes are good because they practice. They practice because it makes them feel good.

To clarify the difference of thoughts and feelings, they used to think that Jesus had nails through his hands. Then when it was demonstrated that it would not work, they changed it to nails through His wrist. So it did not mean much to change this thought or belief.

The mother of Alexis has a few doctorates and one is in psychology. Note that her father is an M.D. They have a new psychology that is called Positive Psychology. It studies what makes people feel good. Here is a quote from a book about it called Authentic Happiness by Dr. Martin Seligman. The quote is about the flow experience.
When does time stop for you? When do you find yourself doing exactly what you want to be doing, and never wanting it to end? Is it painting, or making love, or playing volleyball, or talking before a group, or rock climbing, or listening sympathetically to someone else's troubles?
So maybe that is what Alexis is looking for. Maybe that is what everyone is looking for. Maybe there are people like Jesus and/or Buddha that are in that experience all the time and others want to be there also.

I would have the above feeling playing volleyball. If I did not have to eat or sleep, then I would play volleyball all the time forever. It was all based on a magical or divine feeling. I did notice that I was totally in the present. There was no future or past.

Dr Itai Ivtzan - Flow - Positive Psychology - BBC Four. Awareness is Freedom was created by Dr Itai Ivtzan. It brings together positive psychology and spirituality to allow you greater freedom and wellbeing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Attic That Almost Killed Alexis

This is not Alexis but she chose it as woman that looks like her.

Alexis is a super genius. She could have gone to college at age 12, but her parents thought that was too young. To learn more about her, see my previous posts or her website. This may be the best story I have ever read. You can read about it in her words.

In this case Alexis is 15 years old. She had multiple fractures, kidney infection and was on crutches. Her parents would not be able to take of her so they hired the father's sister to take care of her for 5 days. Her husband is an M.D. and they have many children.

Now instead of taking her to another floor to rest in a bed like a hospital, they take her to an unfinished attic. They also took away her cell phone and they just left her food to eat. There is no bathroom. She is just given diapers to wear and baby wipes to change herself. Also she had to conserve diapers. So you can read for yourself what happens after this.

She now is a third year medical student at age 22 just like her twin brother. Also she gets 100 on medical exams. Also the dean of the medical school (actually his wife) had a last minute cancellation of the female star of the play, Grease. Since Alexis can learn parts very fast, she played the female star of that play. Here is an adorable picture of her when she was a baby.

See her story of this at:

There is a reference to Jessica Beagley. She punished her young son by forcing him to eat hot sauce and taking cold showers. The article below has a video on it. Now I am not a Christian. I am a Jew but I think it is great advice to "Do unto others as you have them do unto you."

Picture from link above

Here is some information about me when I was 14 years old as a contrast to the above. My rich, retired grandfather treated my brother and I like his sons. I had been to a Boy Scout National Jamboree in Boise, ID where the scouts visited Yellowstone National Park. Then I went to Boy Scout World Jamboree in Japan. I lived my whole life in Philadelphia, PA.

So it was 3 weeks long and cost a lot of money. The first 2 weeks we toured all around Japan staying in different hotels and seeing many sites including many Buddhist temples. I was doing martial arts like karate at this time so the trip was extra valuable to me. We even saw a karate school demonstration.

The last week we camped at the base of Mt. Fuji with Boy Scouts from all over the world. My best friend there was a Maori boy and they are the indigenous people of New Zealand. They are a warrior race. This Maori boy was very noble and also very nice.

When we got back to the Philadelphia airport a news photographer was having Boy Scouts pose with samurai clothes and a samurai sword. They must have liked my photograph the best since it was on the cover of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

So my grandfather got a professional photograph of this and framed it. He also paid for boxing lessons and then karate lessons that included tai chi. I did yoga on my own at the same age of 12. He also would take us (mother, brother and I) out to eat at nice restaurants about 4 times a week.

But I saved the best for last. At the beginning of every summer vacation, we moved into an expensive hotel on the beach in Atlantic City. We would eat every meal in a nice restaurant. We would be on the beach all morning. Then we would spend all afternoon at the pool overlooking the beach. Then we would have the rest of the day to enjoy the boardwalk and what it had to offer. So I had an extremely nice time growing up.

Most Beautiful Attic Design Ideas (4 minutes)

Fixer Upper: Attic Bedroom Design (2 minutes)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How a 6 Year-Old Girl Saves Mother's Life

This is not Alexis but she picked this photo of someone who looks like her

This is one of my favorite stories ever! Alexis was 6 years old and her mother had leukemia. The mother had been given the best chemotherapy available. Her husband is an M.D. But like many times, the cancer came back worse than ever. The mother needed a bone marrow transplant.

Alexis has a twin brother Matthew. She was born a minute earlier than him so she likes to refer to herself as the older sister since that really bothers her brother. She is now 22 years old and is in her third year of medical school. Most people go to medical school at ages 23 to 27 like the wife of the founder of Facebook. She graduated from Harvard University.

Also she could have skipped 3 more years of high school but her parents did not want her going to college at age 12. So make no mistake about it-- she is a super genius. Also by hanging back for years, she was able to do things with her brother and he is a third year medical student at age 22.

When the tests were done Alexis was the closest match. But the mother forbid her and her twin brother from giving bone marrow because of their young age. But the husband decided that it was worse the risk given that it would mean the twins growing up without a mother that would be a terrible hardship for them.

So now a game of subterfuge had to be created that would fool the mother that is very smart. You can read the rest of the story in the author's own words. But there is a last minute change of climax that I feel makes the story at least twice as good as it should have been. Read:

Also as an extra bonus I was going to email this story to Alexis but I decided to add it to this post so others can also enjoy it. It is about the time when I was 16 and I competed in a karate tournament. There is a junior division where everyone competes that is under the age of 18 regardless of height, weight, color of belt or gender.

It was called the Northeast United States Regional Karate Championship. My grandfather drove a couple of hours to get me there. He was like a father to me. He paid for the lessons of kenpo karate and tai chi for my brother and I.

Now the first hurdle was to get Joe (my gradfather) to sign the forms to get in. They said that no one would be held responsible if I should be injured or killed. So Joe did not want to sign them. So I told him that it was a legal formality and no one is killed at these tournaments. So he signed it.

I could have competed under the kata which is displaying your skills by yourself but I had great form and my mother taught ballet at Jouliard's. So I competed under kumite (fighting) that would be a greater challenge since I was only 5'5" tall.

At first they matched people in our division up for the first fight. There were 2 girls in our division so there were matched up with each other. If you win all 5 fights then you fight in the finals that are done on the stage in the evening. All I cared about was getting into the finals since that meant I was better than all the others.

For the first fight, they messed up the pairing of applications so I had to fight one of the girls. So at first I only blocked and people were yelling at me. Then the girl got a point on me and I realized that I could lose to a girl. So then I fought back and won. Then in the second fight, the guy lost his temper and I won the fight. Anger dulls the intelligence and the mind is the greatest weapon.

Also a weapon in the hands of a fool is a toy and a toy in the hands of a master is a weapon. A coward dies a thousand deaths but the courageous man dies only once. So I fought in the third fight and it was tougher but I won. I was shorter than the other fighters but I have very fast reflexes.

Then I fought in the fourth fight and won. Now the fifth fight was very tough. I think I had more luck than the other guy and barely won. In the finals I lost to someone that was much taller but the match was close.

My grandfather was glad that I was not killed or injured. My karate teacher was there and he was proud that I got into the finals and got a big trophy. So if you are in a fight, keeping calm and remaining alert gives you the best chance for success. Thank you for reading this. Make sure that you read the story by Alexis. She is a better writer then me but she is also a super genius. She is very proficient in playing several musical instruments. She also sings and dances in plays.

Don't mess with this 9 year old girl.

Katy Perry - Roar : Part 2 (Official Cover by 10 year-old Mariangeli from HitStreak).

Friday, May 5, 2017

How Tesla Motors Stock is Like Amazon Stock

The Tesla 3 from Electrek

I just read yesterday that if you bought $5,000 of Amazon stock 20 years ago then it would be worth $1 million today. It is almost $1,000 a share. Now originally Amazon was going to sell books, books and more books. They were a book company. Here a book, there a book, everywhere a book. So it was all about the book market.

Now they sell everything and only 4% of what they sell is books. Books are not consumable like food. Tesla Motors was a car company that was going to make and sell cars, cars and more cars. So it fit nicely in the car market with GM and Ford.

But they have a gigafactory in Nevada and one in Buffalo, NY. They plan to have another one in China, Europe and mars. Actually they are not planning on mars, yet. The gigafactory is not to make and sell cars. It is to make batteries.

The first one is going to be bigger than the planet earth. So I guess now you are an expert in physics and say that is impossible but not with Elon Musk's space compression technology. Actually I am exaggerating but the idea is to expand your mind. I just learned that Tesla Motors Inc. has become Tesla Inc to reflect changee.

New information just added May 19, 2017:
Even though this is brand new information, it fits right into the theme of not knowing what Tesla is going to sell next. They are first in line in America of this new technology that is said to be a $2 trillion business that has $0 in business now. Tesla is a technology business.

I even had to look it up. It is called the autonomous taxi market. It is taxis that drive themselves. It can make it almost nothing to own a Tesla car. You can read all about it from CNBC on the article, Investors Who Say Tesla is Overvalued are Missing This Opportunity.

We have no idea what Elon Musk is going to do. As far as right now the gigafactories are making batteries for the homes to store electricity. It also making roofs for houses that will be less expensive and more resilient than other roofs. Plus they will contain invisible solar cells.

Articles that are against the Tesla car company will talk about other car company's electric cars. But they do not have any charging places other than a person's house. Tesla has over 500 charging places on the planet earth (none on mars yet) and plans to double that in 2017. They also have plans for solar cells and wind turbines at the gigafactories to make their own electricity.

Another similarity was that the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was doing everything wrong. The philosophies of these 2 companies, which many hate, is to put all of their profits into growth and not care about paying dividends to investors. I call what the other companies do being penny smart and dollar foolish. A friend of mine, George Niiranen, likes to use that saying.

 The billionaire Ron Baron says that if you invest in Tesla now and hold it for 15 years, then your profits will be 30 to 50 times. But then it hit me that he may be underestimating Elon Musk. Billionaire Ron Baron expects mind-boggling returns from Elon Musk-led Tesla.

One thing that I like is that the people making money with Tesla will be the people who believe in newer technology and believe that it is much better to protect the earth than to destroy it. The American people deserve a president like Trump because many voted for Clinton and she loves fracking. Bernie Sanders believes that protecting this planet is more important than making a profit. But the old people that like old things like oil and coal are dying out. The people who like clean energy are being born everyday.

I saw the movie Titanic and loved it. My favorite line in the movie was Rose saying "I would rather be his whore than your wife." So you can tell your grandchildren that you sat in the sidelines and watched as Elon Musk did his magic. Or you can say that you helped Elon Musk to do his magic faster. Caution: buying a stock is a gamble and you can lose it all so invest with that understanding.

Here is video that tells how important it is to store electricity in the Tesla power packs. Elon Musk says that this will grow bigger than the car business. 9 minute video.

See my older article with more facts and things going in Tesla called Now is a Great Time to Invest in Tesla Stock. It used to be that to buy stocks, you had to be elite. Note that I like to exaggerate. You had to be a PhD and a millionaire. That is not the case anymore. I have been using Sharebulder that is owned by Capital One for millions of years. No stock broker. No minimum. No fee to join or monthly fees. Maybe there are better places but I do not need to check.

All you have to remember is $6.95. That is the cost to trade that is to buy or sell a stock. So if you want to buy ten billion dollars in Tesla stock, the cost is $6.95. It takes a day to transfer the money from your account to them. Can't wait, well you can do it right away for another $6.95. You can call them with any questions.

If the stock is $320 a share, you can set it to buy at $315 a share and if it gets that low then they buy it. They do the trade when the stock market is open. For the New York Stock Exchange that is 9:30 to 16:00 or 4:00 PM at Eastern time.

 So here is the one I use:

Capital One Investing

Here is a 4 minute video to see how the Tesla car works. Unlike with a regular car, the torque makes it take off like a rocket. See that on here.

The car can drive it itself as shown above. It can also parallel park itself. To pick up a woman, just say "do want a ride in my Tesla?" This is the best video I have seen about the car.

I have just seen another analogy called GENE MUNSTER: Tesla is the next Apple. It is a May 3, 2017 Business Insider article. Apple is the world’s biggest company with a market cap of nearly $770 billion as of this writing. It says:
There are many parallels between Apple about a decade ago and Tesla today, market cap being one of them.
Going back 20 years, the only other additions are Microsoft and General Electric. Therefore, either a consumer electronics company, an energy company, or a conglomerate represented the biggest company in the world. Tesla is all three.  
Tesla’s cars are effectively consumer electronics, albeit expensive ones, that reduce our dependence on oil. Tesla’s acquisition of Solar City and introduction of the Powerwall and Powerpack are next-generation energy plays driving toward the replacement of coal and gas. Doing both makes it a conglomerate. 
Tesla is not a car company. It's an operating system for sustainable energy that combines a powerful brand, a visionary founder, integrated hardware and software, and a halo effect all with the purpose of transforming a combination of large markets.  TSLA might be the next AAPL, but Tesla will forge its own path and the world will be better for it.
Gene Munster is a managing partner and co-founder at Loup Ventures. Prior to Loup Ventures, Gene was a managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray where he covered technology companies including Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. 
A  May 8, 2017 article says Fisher Asset Management LLC Invests $442,000 in Tesla Inc (TSLA). It also says:
A number of other large investors also recently made changes to their positions in the stock. Crestwood Advisors Group LLC bought a new stake in shares of Tesla during the first quarter worth $101,000. Independent Advisor Alliance acquired a new position in Tesla during the fourth quarter worth approximately $102,000. Parallel Advisors LLC acquired a new position in Tesla during the fourth quarter worth approximately $104,000.

Korea Investment CORP raised its position in Tesla by 225.0% in the first quarter. Korea Investment CORP now owns 494 shares of the electric vehicle producer’s stock worth $137,000 after buying an additional 342 shares in the last quarter. Finally, Cable Hill Partners LLC raised its position in Tesla by 36.1% in the third quarter. Cable Hill Partners LLC now owns 693 shares of the electric vehicle producer’s stock worth $139,000 after buying an additional 184 shares in the last quarter. 57.29% of the stock is owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

New May 16, 2017 article.

Forget what Wall Street says — Tesla shares are going way higher, two experts predict

"The bull case on Tesla is that it can become the next Amazon or Apple." 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music Therapy is Best Thing for Alzheimer's, Dementia and Nursing Homes

This is not Alexis but she chose it as a picture that looks close to what she looks like.

This is about using music therapy on people that have Alzheimer's, dementia or people that live in nursing homes. Below is a very small sample of what I saw. It said that people like to keep beat to music, including little kids, but that is not the case with chimps. It has a better effect on the above people than anything else including medication.

They showed one guy who had a past that was rich in music. He was injured and lied in bed all day. Then they added some music and everything changed for the better. He remembered many memories that are associated with music. One old lady was seen staying in her walker all day for 5 days. Then she got control of music and got out of her walker and started dancing.

Now Alexis is a super genius who is 22 years old and she is in her third year of medical school. She could have skipped 3 years of high school but her parents did want her going to college at 12 years old. You can learn more about her by reading what I posted 2 times ago. Now here is an example of how she looks at high school. She said that high school is so easy that her brother's cat could graduate!

She is very proficient in musical instruments and will sit down and play one musical instrument for hours. So music is even important to her. At one hospital that she was learning at, she came in early and played the piano. A woman that was working there questioned her about playing the piano. The boss of the hospital came out of the office and told the woman that Alexis was playing the piano with his full authority.

He let Alexis know that it was important to him to hear her play every morning. So even a doctor that is in charge of a hospital has the music of Alexis as a high priority in his life.

As far the experience that she has had with music, here is a blog post from 2010 when she was about 15 years old. It has been a big part of her life. Beside being a super genius, she also plays music by ear. So she can hear it and then she can play it.

Here are 2 more stories about the importance of music. One guy when was only 3 years old when he heard this music that sounded wonderful to him. He crawled toward it and when he got to the source it, he cried.

One musician was going to heal about 100 women in Africa because they were traumatized. He played them some sad flute music to release the pain. Then he had sing some happy songs and he stopped but they were still singing after 3 hours.

Music therapy comforts, soothes those with varying degrees of dementia

Why I Want to Change the World with Music Therapy | Erin Seibert | TEDxUSFSP

Healing Power of Personalized Music Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia