Saturday, October 8, 2011

Method of MDs Reduces Breast Cancer by 90%

October is breast cancer awareness month. Medical doctors have a method or procedure to prevent breast cancer. In a study, it showed that it reduced the number of women getting breast cancer by 90%. This means that out of 10 women that would have gotten breast cancer, only 1 woman will get it if they use this preventative method.

So that is very significant. But I feel that if it were 2% or 3% (2 or 3 out of 100) that would get it, then that would be pretty good but 10% is too high. But that is what it showed it to be-- reducing breast cancer by 90% instead of reducing cancer by 97% or 98%.

So what is this method that reduces breast cancer by 90% and why haven't you heard of it? Maybe you have heard of it. Women who are at a high risk of getting breast cancer are getting this procedure done.

It is called prophylactic bilateral mastectomy or bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. Prophylactic means preventative. Bilateral means both sides. Mastectomy is when you cut off the breast. So it means cutting off both of them before the woman gets breast cancer. Susan G Koman for the Cure says:

Studies suggest that prophylactic bilateral mastectomy can lower the risk of breast cancer in women at high risk by 90 percent or more [203-208].

But if you see a previous post Vitamin D and Breast Cancer, you will see that a Doctor of Pubic Health, I mean a Doctor of Public Health, Cedric Garland, says that enough vitamin D (lifeguard levels) will "virtually eradicate breast cancer." Virtually would mean more than 90%.

Also that webpage has a link to this page, Cancer Treatment and Cancer Prevention, that is a lot more reading. But it goes into much more detail about vitamin D and breast cancer including quotes from Johns Hopkins, Harvard and others. I just found another medical doctor online, that has a website on this blog website, a subdomain of this domain. It is Robert Baker MD Health Newsletter (update on vitamin D).

Robert Baker says:
Hyper-proliferation of cells is what occurs with cancer. Vitamin D has repeatedly been shown to prevent this. Many large studies have now shown that various types of cancers are associated with very low vitamin D levels. In a well publicized cancer study that spanned 8 years, the lowest levels of vitamin D were associated with the worst outcome and highest mortality in breast cancer.

Vitamin D could have a profound effect on health care expenditures; it has been called a national health care plan in itself. It makes sense that Vitamin D is so basic to life and health. Scientists agree that life began near the equator. Early humans had unlimited access to sunlight, and didn’t have sunscreen or a wardrobe, so at one time humans’ vitamin D levels were very high.

The understanding of the importance of Vitamin D remains the most important preventive medicine development in over a century.
Also the above mentioned website, Cancer Treatment and Cancer Prevention, besides going into greater detail about vitamin D, also tells about many other things that can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer like weight reduction or weight loss (losing weight), getting exercise and details on what to eat and not to eat.

Like you can be drinking green tea all day and that will reduce your risk of getting cancer, especially breast cancer. Research shows that this will have side effects like helping you to lose excess weight and reducing your chances of getting Alzheimer's disease. Also you can be consuming the spice tumeric to reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Tumeric has the phytochemical curcumin in it that is also sold as a supplement. Curcumin is a phytochemical just like lycopene in tomatoes, resveratrol in grapes and wine, hesperidin in citrus fruits, quercetin in tea and apples, ellagic acid in walnuts, strawberries and grapes and catechins in tea, grapes and cocoa (chocolate) .

Note that has an article saying that orange juice lowers high blood pressure due to the hesperidin in it. After the the radiation accident in Japan articles listed what was good to protect you from radiation and hesperidin was one of them. Phytochemicals are chemicals in plant foods that can improve the health of people in many different ways. There are thousands of them and 900 have been identified already.

Note that a new study, Clear Brain Plaques with This Nutrient, says that both vitamin D and tumeric reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer's disease. But first read the blog post on vitamin D and breast cancer to just get an idea of this. Green tea and tumeric are the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods. This type of food prevents lifestyle diseases that get worse with aging like cardiovascular problems, heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

Then when you have more time, you can go to the website with much more information on vitamin D and also goes into a lot of detail about cancer and diet with different sources of where this information came from. So Dr Cedric Garland is saying that the vitamin D can virtually eradicate breast cancer but I give more information to increase your odds even more of avoiding breast cancer.

Some of that information comes from the book Anticancer (2008). It is about a doctor that got cancer and then the doctors cured it. But then it came back again just like with Steve Jobs who had his pancreatic cancer cured in 2004 and then recently died from it and also John Edwards wife.

So this doctor researched it on his own and made lifestyle changes. Then his cancer was cured and after he was free of cancer for 15 years wrote this book. His book also covered the cancer mind and that people with a type C personality are more likely to get cancer.