Monday, January 4, 2016

Unique Way to Avoid Overeating and Know the Healthiest Foods

The above links to an article that is like the rest of them. If you want to read something unique about overeating and knowing which foods are the healthiest, read this. This can be used to lose weight, gain health and get rid of toxemia that makes you feel bad. If you want to learn more about toxemia read Is Toxemia Ruining Your Health. Toxemia is the biggest contributor of headaches and I have not had one in over 15 years.

The reason that this method is unique is because all the wild animals use it and never get overweight. In fact you can use whenever you want to eat the perfect amount of food. Now that is a unique claim. How can I make that claim? Because like the wild animal, your body has a inner intelligence. I use it and have not had the flu or a cold in over 15 years. If you want to learn more about avoiding colds or the flu then read  How to Avoid the Flu or Colds.

All you have to do is eat the foods raw. That is how your body recognizes whether the food is good for you or bad for you. If it is good for you then it will taste good. Now you do not like things that are not food. This is why the baby puts all sorts of things in his mouth. Salt cannot be raw and is not a food. But if you put some in your mouth it will taste terrible and you will spit it out. So you can also use this to save your life if you are on a deserted island. You will know what foods you can eat.

If you use this method then you will know what are the healthiest foods for you to eat. They will taste the best. Now I have an article saying that the healthiest foods to eat are fruits. You can use the above to test this out. But here are some things you can learn now. Mark Twain says that the best tasting food is the cherimoya or custard apple. First it has the texture of custard so that is really nice. Then it tastes really good.

To know how good it is, you have to taste it. Now Queen Elizabeth says that the best tasting food is the mangosteen which is not a mango. It has many health benefits that many people drink it for. An American company sells over half a billion dollars of its juice annually. More on fruit later.

I want get to the part about about not overeating or eating the perfect amount. Now eating everything raw is one difference that the wild animals do. What is the other difference that wild animals do with eating that is how the people eat? They eat only one food at a time. If you eat some raw organic raisins and raw organic nuts, they are healthy but you can eat too much of them. If you eat each one alone then you will eat the perfect amount of each. Of course if you eat this way all of the time, then you might have super human health. But there are other factors that affect your heath.

Now you can test all the above at and know for yourself. Or you can listen to the experts that tell you that broccoli is good for you even though you hate it. In fact if you have any issues with President George W. Bush like not liking the Iraqi war then you can blame it on his mother who made him eat food that he did not like. That is a terrible thing to do.

Also a food that you like raw may be bad for you. You taste something that you like a lot raw but is is spoiled and tastes horrible. Then an expert tells you it is good for you. Tell him to eat some.

As far as fruit being the healthiest foods oranges do not have the most vitamin C but camu camu fruit does and it has 30 times the vitamin C of oranges. Dr. James Duke tested out thousands of plants for the U.S. government and found that camu camu fruit has more benefits than any plant food. Gac fruit has 70 times the lycopene content of tomatoes. There are over 10,000 different kinds of fruit.

One lady who is a vegetarian was wearing a shirt that says that she is a vegetarian not because she likes animal but because she hates plants. I guess her shirt is pointing out that she kills plants and eats them. But if you eat fruit, you are not hurting the plant or tree and they are going to be dropped anyway. But the plant wants you to eat the fruit so you can spread its fruit around which wild animals do do.. See they eat the seeds and drop them on the ground when they defecate.

Now if feel that you are not feeling that great, then you can go to the doctor and he or she may give you some drugs so you end up like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley (the kings of pop and rock), Whitney Houston, Britney Murphy or Heath Ledger. Or you can try eating this way for a few days and see how you feel.

Two thousand years ago the Jews used fasting to heal many things. That is why the Bible has 700 references of fasting. Their number one rule is that if you do not feel like eating then get your mother to make you eat so you go to war with a country and beat them and give rise to a group like ISIS. Note that Hillary Clinton voted to have that war and Bernie Sanders against that war. The main rule is not to eat anything or fast if you do not feel like eating. That is what wild animals do.

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