Thursday, November 29, 2012

2 Powerful Health Product Lines Become One

Trivita Founder and CEO Michael Ellison with his wife, Susan, and Amazon Herb Company Founder John Easterling with his wife, Olivia Newton-John

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Two companies with powerful health products including unique herbal products merged and became one company. It is estimated by the World Health Organisation that 80 per cent of the world’s population uses herbal medicine in some form or another within primary health care.

May 23, 2015 Update

Each of the Amazon herb products now have a great video of them by Amazon John along with a view of the powdered herbs. These are totally unique formulas with powerful herbs from the Amazon rain forest like stone breaker (chanca piedra), dragon's blood, jatoba, camu camu fruit with 30 times the vitamin C of oranges and more.

The company has added 8 essential oils to its line of products as well as a product for joints that has a Curcuminoid complex that comes from the herb turmeric. Turmeric is the most anti-inflammatory herb known to man. In one study, the turmeric extract used in Promeric 95 (the product's name) was up to seven times more bioavailable than unformulated curcumin.

These are the beautiful catalogs mailed monthly to everyone. Once someone buys something, they get these catalogs monthly for life. This company has its own in-house printing press. So if you want to buy extra catalogs to give to friends, they are inexpensive. Also many companies substitute cheaper herbs. This company is keeping a close watch so this does not happen with these products.

Amazon Herb Company is owned by Amazon John Easterling and his wife Olivia Newton-John (she has been using these herbal foods for over 10 years-- many years before she married him). You can say that she liked the products so much that she married him. She had cacer allso. Amazon John works with a dozen tribes in the Amazon rainforest to get the 30 different herbs from there that he uses like una de gato (cat's claw), pau d'arco, boldo (most popular herb in South America and other herbs that grow wild, in herbal formulas for health.

Please watch this 90 second commercial with Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Prince HarryPelĂ© (soccer star), the Dalai Lama, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and others about the importance of saving the rainforest. "Every year destruction of the earth's rainforests releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the cars, planes and ships put together!" ---Charles, Prince of Wales.

TriVita has been selling the Nopolea product with a cactus fruit juice in it. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory product. People use it for pain and aches which appears more frequently as people age. This uses a network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation plan like Herbalife and Avon does. It is free to make money from it-- no kit to buy.

For simplicity the product costs the same for customers and associates. Amazon Herb Company has many different herbal products for different health benefits and to help different systems. TriVita also has the best selling vitamin B-12 supplement on the planet. This is because Dr Libby works with this company and he has the original patent on it dissolving under the tongue (sublingual method).

Some of the associates in Amazon Herb Company and TriVita make a spare time income of around $200 a month and some make a very good full time income from it. 

Here is the article about this merger on the Direct Selling News magazine. It has a picture of both owners together. It says:
That kind of innovative, mission-oriented thinking has given the company consistent organic growth over the last 13 years. TriVita ranked No. 70 on the Direct Selling News 2012 Global 100 list—leaping from No. 92 in 2011—with $102 million in net sales.
 Ellison says that the power of technology will allow the company to do business in 100 countries in 10 years, expanding its mission around the world.
If you are not a customer or an associate yet, my name is Charles Bluestein and my Trivita ID number is 14645674, in case you call the company.

Your subdomain of TriVita website is just like the company website except that everyone who joins as a customer or an associate goes under you automatically. So my TriVita website is (note my ID number on it) and you can order from it at anytime. Note that the website above has no information on the money making part of it but you can can become an associate of it for free.

Also brand new MLM companies are extremely risky since 99% of them go out of business in the first 5 years. Both of these companies are over 5 years old, but the merger makes it a brand new company and opportunity.

If you have any questions, you can email me at whiz8kid(at)yahoo(dot)com or call me at 602-663-6155. Do not call me to solicit anything, but you can mail me information on anything at Chuck Bluestein, P.O. Box 334, Morristown, AZ 85342.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Successful College Student's Pyramid

Successful College Student’s Pyramid
Presented By: Online College

The above is good for the financial health of college students. Although there is now more money owed on college loans than on credit cards. There are some free colleges. Some require you to work at least 15 hours a week for the college. Some are completely free and some are online.

Here are 10 Free Colleges by the Huffington Post.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

8 Things Every Breastfeeding Mother Should Know Before Giving Birth

I came across this article and this is something that every pregnant woman should know about. Breastfeeding is much healthier for the baby and helps the mother lose weight since she is giving some of her calories to the baby. 

Also science says that breastfeeding reduces your chances of getting breast cancer. For more on this see 7 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer. I bet that you will never guess what number 0 is. Why did I number it 0 (zero). Medical doctors have proven that this is 90% effective in preventing breast cancer.

1. It says that breastfeeding should begin within an hour of birth but does not explain why. I guess this makes it easier for the baby to learn to get its nutrition through its mouth than through the umbilical cord.

2. You should have a couple of nursing bras and nursing tanks in your hospital bag.

3. Allow your body to go into labor naturally to greatly increase your chances for establishing successful breastfeeding.

4. It is normal for the breastfeeding to hurt the first few days but it gets better.

5. The first few days you get a little colostrum that is like pre-milk. It is extremely healthy for the baby. Some companies sell colostrum from cows as a supplement. Note that this is the correct spelling, not the one on the article. Wikipedia says:
Colostrum (also known colloquially as beestings,[1] bisnings[2] or first milk) is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy. Most species will generate colostrum just prior to giving birth. Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease, as well as being lower in fat[3] and higher in protein than ordinary milk.

6. Make sure to have a breast pump ready at home.

7. The baby should be breastfed whenever it wants to not on some schedule.

8. Quote from article below: "Bottles or pacifiers should be avoided for as long as possible to avoid nipple confusion. Nipple confusion is a problem that arises when a breastfed baby is given an artificial (rubber or silicon) nipple and must try to learn to nurse both from his mother's breast and the bottle nipple."

8 Things Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Know Before Giving Birth