Friday, March 25, 2016

Is the Media Misleading You About Bernie Sanders

At first it was recognized that the media was ignoring Bernie Sanders. Maybe if they ignored him, people would forget about him. That did not work so now they are trying to mislead people. This is specifically talking about the Democratic Primary on March 22 with 3 states including Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

First it was saying that since Arizona is bigger than Utah and Idaho combined then if one wins Arizona then they come out ahead even if they lose the other two. That is a lie or a mispeak. What person is famous for saying that they mispoke? Trump never says that. What matters is not what states you win. What matters is the number of delegates you get. So for example if someone wins Arizona and gets one more delegate and they lose Utah and Idaho get almost none of the delegates, then they lose very big in those 3 states.

Here is an example. First articles should start out with how many delegates each candidate won. But they do not. That is too factual. They want to put their own personal spin on it. That is what is important, the spin, not the facts. So here is the example. It was big news that Clinton won Missouri. She won it so it does not matter how close it is or how many delegates they got.

So Clinton is the winner and Sanders is the loser. Now if you are going to not mention the delegates, it would be more factual to say that they tied. They do not give out fractions of a delegate. So remember Clinton won and Sanders lost. The facts are that Clinton got 49.6% of the vote and Sanders got 49.4%. Now if what counts is other things then you could say that Clinton won. So Clinton got 34 delegates and Sanders got 34 delegates. So Clinton won 34 to 34. Does that sound right to you? Does it? In other words Sanders lost 34 to 34.

Now if you look at the facts then Clinton lost in Idaho and Utah. I can't find the delegate count but Clinton got 21% in one state and 20% in the other. Now that is about one-fifth or one out of five. Now that is factual but you can say that is terrible. So what about Arizona. There was a terrible case of voter suppression. Many waited over 3 hours in line, if they have nothing they had to do. Some waited until after 12:00 AM or midnight. Then many were told they were not registered under the democratic party, even life-long democrats, so that meant they coul not vote. Some were told they were registered as Independents, Libertarian or no party. See Something Is Going Seriously Wrong at Arizona Polls Today.

They even had one lady on video who went in and asked about it and they told her the computer changed what she was registered as! Using the percentages that the candidates won and the number of delegates I figured that Sanders won from the 3 states a lot more delegates than Clinton even if you ignore the huge voter problems in Arizona. Note that the demographics say that white young people under 30 heavily favor Sanders and if you look at many lines you will see that is what the lines mostly are. See the latest on AZ lawmakers to hold special hearing on elections fiasco.

Now here is an example of an article by USA Today called Hillary Clinton wins Arizona primary, as Bernie Sanders takes Utah, Idaho. It starts with:
Hillary Clinton won the pivotal presidential contest in Arizona Tuesday, prevailing over rival Bernie Sanders in the latest in a string of primary victories for the Democratic front-runner.
Tom Gagen, a 66-year-old Independent from Scottsdale, said he voted for Clinton because of her experience.
There is no mention that the Arizona voting is under investigation.

Bernie Sanders wants 4 years of free college. Hillary Clinton wants no free college. To make our country a better place and to be more competitive in the world President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden want 2 years of free college.

At one speech Sanders was talking about free college in countries. A guy raised his hand. He said that actually in Scandinavia not only is college free but they actually pay the students to go to college!

Are you for having a military and defense, highways, roads and bridges, police, fire department, postal service, garbage disposal, social security, public schools, prison system, a government, court system, town/state run beaches and city buses? If you are, then you are a socialist! See 75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America.

This article came out after mine did-- A Dozen Reasons Sanders Voters Are Justifiably Angry at the Media Right Now.

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