Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fasting Benefits

Intermittent fasting means fasting less than 24 hours. Actually people do this everyday. When you stop fasting it is called to break the fast. The first meal of the day is called break-fast to recognize that you stop the fast that happens when you are sleeping. That means the longer you sleep, the longer you fast.

Everyday the body is taking in toxins and getting rid of toxin. If the toxins are coming in at a faster rate than the body can get rid of them, then they build up. Fasting allows you to get rid of toxins at a faster rate than you bring them in. That is how simple it is.

At the time of Jesus, the Jews used fasting as their medicine. That is why the bible has 74 references to fasting. Also it is associated with the person being a soul that is part of the Christian religion. The body needs food but the soul does not need food. In fact eating too much food is such a problem that obesity is considered the biggest health problem the world is facing.

I read a story about a Christian minister who had to go to another town. After a couple of days of being there a guy was talking to him about the diner. The guy said that he must know where it is. The minister said that he did not know where it is. The guy asked where he ate yesterday. The guy said that he did not eat yesterday because he was busy and forgot about it. He was not fasting but just forgot about it.

When the body does not need to digest any food, not only does it have a chance to get rid of toxins at an accelerated rate but it also uses that extra energy to heal the body of anything that is wrong with it. In fact many wild animals do this instinctively to let the body heal itself. Here are some testimonials about fasting from doctors and scientists. Gabriel Cousins, M.D., (psychiatrist) says:
I often observe in the fasting participants that by four days of fasting, concentration seems to improve, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia stops, anxieties fade, the mind becomes more tranquil and a natural joy begins to appear. It is my hypothesis that when the physical toxins are cleared from the brain cells, mind-brain function automatically and significantly improves and spiritual capacities expands.
Alex Carrel, M.D. (famous scientist) says:
The elimination of waste products by fasting increases longevity.
Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (has fasting center in NJ) says:
In my practice I have seen fasting eliminate lupus and arthritis, remove chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, heal the digestive tract in patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, and quickly eliminate cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and angina. In these cases the recoveries were permanent.
I have never been overweight but I fasted for 22 days on nothing but pure water. It is best that the water is pure like what you get from distilled water or reverse osmosis water. It was not that hard physically, but mentally I kept thinking about food. Now I realized that if people did not need to eat to stay alive and they last the ability to eat, most people would kill themselves.

There was a neighbor that was 81 and after a meal he was in a lot of pain. So he went to a hospital and they could not find anything wrong with him. But next time he had a meal, he was in a lot of pain so they fed him with tubes. They tried an operation and ate a meal but still had a lot of pain. So they put him in a place that is like a hospice where he would stay until he died. But after a few months he said that he wanted to die. So I did not know that he could do this but he told them to stop feeding him and they did. He died after a few days later.

The professional fasters suggest that you get supervised by a doctor to be on the safe side. One danger is that since blood pressure goes down one can pass out if they get out if they get up too quickly. The other danger is that about one out of 200 people have their potassium get to low and then the fast must be broken immediately.

At first it may be very difficult to do but you get better with practice. Also the trick to it is to be in the present moment. If you are living in the future too much than it could be impossible. I read that many Romans would do everything that they needed to during the day and in the evening they would sit down and have the one meal of the day. To learn more about this go to The Unlimited Benefits of Fasting.

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