Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music Therapy is Best Thing for Alzheimer's, Dementia and Nursing Homes

This is not Alexis but she chose it as a picture that looks close to what she looks like.

This is about using music therapy on people that have Alzheimer's, dementia or people that live in nursing homes. Below is a very small sample of what I saw. It said that people like to keep beat to music, including little kids, but that is not the case with chimps. It has a better effect on the above people than anything else including medication.

They showed one guy who had a past that was rich in music. He was injured and lied in bed all day. Then they added some music and everything changed for the better. He remembered many memories that are associated with music. One old lady was seen staying in her walker all day for 5 days. Then she got control of music and got out of her walker and started dancing.

Now Alexis is a super genius who is 22 years old and she is in her third year of medical school. She could have skipped 3 years of high school but her parents did want her going to college at 12 years old. You can learn more about her by reading what I posted 2 times ago. Now here is an example of how she looks at high school. She said that high school is so easy that her brother's cat could graduate!

She is very proficient in musical instruments and will sit down and play one musical instrument for hours. So music is even important to her. At one hospital that she was learning at, she came in early and played the piano. A woman that was working there questioned her about playing the piano. The boss of the hospital came out of the office and told the woman that Alexis was playing the piano with his full authority.

He let Alexis know that it was important to him to hear her play every morning. So even a doctor that is in charge of a hospital has the music of Alexis as a high priority in his life.

As far the experience that she has had with music, here is a blog post from 2010 when she was about 15 years old. It has been a big part of her life. Beside being a super genius, she also plays music by ear. So she can hear it and then she can play it.

Here are 2 more stories about the importance of music. One guy when was only 3 years old when he heard this music that sounded wonderful to him. He crawled toward it and when he got to the source it, he cried.

One musician was going to heal about 100 women in Africa because they were traumatized. He played them some sad flute music to release the pain. Then he had sing some happy songs and he stopped but they were still singing after 3 hours.

Music therapy comforts, soothes those with varying degrees of dementia

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