Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How a 6 Year-Old Girl Saves Mother's Life

This is not Alexis but she picked this photo of someone who looks like her

This is one of my favorite stories ever! Alexis was 6 years old and her mother had leukemia. The mother had been given the best chemotherapy available. Her husband is an M.D. But like many times, the cancer came back worse than ever. The mother needed a bone marrow transplant.

Alexis has a twin brother Matthew. She was born a minute earlier than him so she likes to refer to herself as the older sister since that really bothers her brother. She is now 22 years old and is in her third year of medical school. Most people go to medical school at ages 23 to 27 like the wife of the founder of Facebook. She graduated from Harvard University.

Also she could have skipped 3 more years of high school but her parents did not want her going to college at age 12. So make no mistake about it-- she is a super genius. Also by hanging back for years, she was able to do things with her brother and he is a third year medical student at age 22.

When the tests were done Alexis was the closest match. But the mother forbid her and her twin brother from giving bone marrow because of their young age. But the husband decided that it was worse the risk given that it would mean the twins growing up without a mother that would be a terrible hardship for them.

So now a game of subterfuge had to be created that would fool the mother that is very smart. You can read the rest of the story in the author's own words. But there is a last minute change of climax that I feel makes the story at least twice as good as it should have been. Read:

Also as an extra bonus I was going to email this story to Alexis but I decided to add it to this post so others can also enjoy it. It is about the time when I was 16 and I competed in a karate tournament. There is a junior division where everyone competes that is under the age of 18 regardless of height, weight, color of belt or gender.

It was called the Northeast United States Regional Karate Championship. My grandfather drove a couple of hours to get me there. He was like a father to me. He paid for the lessons of kenpo karate and tai chi for my brother and I.

Now the first hurdle was to get Joe (my gradfather) to sign the forms to get in. They said that no one would be held responsible if I should be injured or killed. So Joe did not want to sign them. So I told him that it was a legal formality and no one is killed at these tournaments. So he signed it.

I could have competed under the kata which is displaying your skills by yourself but I had great form and my mother taught ballet at Jouliard's. So I competed under kumite (fighting) that would be a greater challenge since I was only 5'5" tall.

At first they matched people in our division up for the first fight. There were 2 girls in our division so there were matched up with each other. If you win all 5 fights then you fight in the finals that are done on the stage in the evening. All I cared about was getting into the finals since that meant I was better than all the others.

For the first fight, they messed up the pairing of applications so I had to fight one of the girls. So at first I only blocked and people were yelling at me. Then the girl got a point on me and I realized that I could lose to a girl. So then I fought back and won. Then in the second fight, the guy lost his temper and I won the fight. Anger dulls the intelligence and the mind is the greatest weapon.

Also a weapon in the hands of a fool is a toy and a toy in the hands of a master is a weapon. A coward dies a thousand deaths but the courageous man dies only once. So I fought in the third fight and it was tougher but I won. I was shorter than the other fighters but I have very fast reflexes.

Then I fought in the fourth fight and won. Now the fifth fight was very tough. I think I had more luck than the other guy and barely won. In the finals I lost to someone that was much taller but the match was close.

My grandfather was glad that I was not killed or injured. My karate teacher was there and he was proud that I got into the finals and got a big trophy. So if you are in a fight, keeping calm and remaining alert gives you the best chance for success. Thank you for reading this. Make sure that you read the story by Alexis. She is a better writer then me but she is also a super genius. She is very proficient in playing several musical instruments. She also sings and dances in plays.

Don't mess with this 9 year old girl.

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