Saturday, August 5, 2017

Different Types of Genius

This picture comes from the article Six Interesting Musical Facts About Albert Einstein. Seeing this article modified what I was going to write about.

Albert Einstein nicknamed his violin Lina. “As a little girl,” Einstein’s second wife Elsa once remarked, “I fell in love with Albert because he played Mozart so beautifully on the violin. He also plays the piano. Music helps him when he is thinking about his theories. He goes to his study, comes back, strikes a few chords on the piano, jots something down, returns to his study.”

The article above tells about how the musician in his family was his mother. The mother of Alexis has a PhD in music (among other things) and taught her and her twin brother to play piano. As talked about in previous posts, Alexis is a super genius. She could have gone to college at age 12, but her parents did want her going at such a young age.

She did skip some grades and is in her fourth and last year of medical school at age 22. Most people go to medical school at the ages of 23 to 27. Also Alexis is very proficient at playing the piano, organ, violin and other musical instruments. Her father is a medical doctor.

This is going to have a link to an article by Alexis about children playing with dangerous toys and the part that schools should take in controlling them. Also it will have a link to a story of when Alexis was a little girl and did a cartwheel on the roof of her house because her twin brother asked her to.

Here are some coincidences of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory and Alexis. Sheldon Cooper also has an opposite sex twin. I saw the one introducing her. She mentioned how she had her legs wrapped around Sheldon's neck for 9 months. In September they will have a TV show with Sheldon growing up in Texas as a young boy. Also Sheldon does not drink coffee and neither does Alexis.

So while Albert Einstein was growing up and going to school he seemed just like an average student. Before I forget, here is a link to a recent article by Alexis about kids playing with recent toys. Fidget Spinners Maybe Dangerous. Also her most recent posts are about bullying so they are a must read. Here is the other article, Rooftop Gymnastics. This is great blog post. It is so real.

Now it is my turn. I, like Einstein, showed nothing spectacular in school. After my mother gave birth to me, 2 years later she gave birth to my brother. Her mother was with her every step of the way. So she asked her mother why my brother had so many problems as a baby. She said my brother was a perfectly normal baby.

She said that I was not a normal baby. I apparently skipped over some things that normal babies go threw. When I was in my crib, there was a sign on it that said "Keep me off of my stomach." When I was on my stomach, I would try to crawl and I was too young for my knees to tolerate that. Also I was born in a busy NYC hospital but was the only baby boy.

My mother would take my brother and I to the library every 3 weeks so it was entirely free. We would each leave with about 10 books. My brother and mother read only fiction. I read only non-fiction because I wanted to know things. My uncle was a PhD in chemistry so I wanted to be a chemist also. So I read the simpler books on chemistry until I got up to this current one. I was nine years old and in fourth grade.

So I was reading it outside in front of my house. My college neighbor got home and wanted to know what I was doing with his book. I told him that I borrowed it from the library and showed him the card holder in the back. He told me that he had the same book for college chemistry and many people find it challenging. He learned that I was reading it for the fun of it.

So then he asked me where I was in reading it. I showed him. He asked me some questions to see if I understood what I read. He asked to speak to my mother so I got her. He said that he was freaked out since college students struggle to understand this and I am reading it for entertainment. His world was turned upside down. Now my mother told our relatives about it. She wondered what it all meant with being such an unusual baby and also my Hebrew name that I got from my great grandfather being Tsadik which means saint or righteous one.

Wikipedia says:
Since the late 17th Century, in Hasidic Judaism, the institution of the mystical tzadik as a Divine channel assumed central importance, combining popularization of (hands-on) Jewish mysticism with social movement for the first time.[1] Adapting former Kabbalistic theosophical terminology, Hasidic thought internalised mystical experience, emphasising deveikut attachment to its Rebbe leadership, who embody and channel the Divine flow of blessing to the world.[2]
Kabbalah describes an extension of Moses in each generation, alternately identified with the Tzadik of the generation, and the potential Messiah of the generation. In Hasidism, each person's soul essence relates to the level of Moses.
I was not bullied since people knew that I was a pugilist. Now there was a guy who was bullied terribly. He did not kill himself. He is the most famous living person in the world today. He is the only person that is CEO of 2 billion dollar companies. Full time he is a rocket scientist and in his spare time he has a company that people invested $50 billion into making it bigger than GM or Ford. That is Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX.

As far as being a pugilist or fighter see How a 6 Year-Old Girl Saves Mother's Life. It tells about how Alexis saved her mother's life and it also tells how at age 16 I fought in the junior division of the Northeast United States Regional Karate Championship and won second place.

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